FAQs and Rules

We are very proud to have created an environment that can be a safe and nurturing place for women to meet other amazing women, to share experiences, and to find commonalities. Friendships are formed, new adventures are had, and its almost always a moving and meaningful experience.

That said, Parlay House is NOT a place where women come for the purpose of business networking, favor-seeking or company/personal promotion. Relationships form and opportunities arise naturally outside of these events, but please do not come for that purpose.

Absolutely. And if she enjoys the experience, please nominate her as a member using the "Invite a New Member" link. Go to Invite a New Member

We value your input on programming. Please email arielle@parlayhouse.com to share an idea.

We are true believers in pulling the next woman forward. So while we have a policy of no refunds, we will invite the next woman on the waitlist to use your ticket if you are not able to make it after all. Just try to let us know at anne@parlayhouse.com as soon as you can so that she can have enough time to join us.

Each month, we try to let you know about other things that are relevant, meaningful and happening in the area. These events and opportunities are often projects that one of our members is involved with, and as often as possible there is a special discount code or special experience for Parlay House members. These events are listed at the end of event emails and while not exclusive to us, you will find other Parlay House members there. You can tell us about potential Parlay-Endorsed events at membership@parlayhouse.com.

Just go to the main menu and choose SETTINGS > ACCOUNT. You will be taken to your Profile page, where you can change your email in the Contact Info section. After you have changed your email address, be sure to go to the bottom of the Profile page and click the Update Profile button (blue button).