Past Events for New York

Read about all the extraordinary events Parlay House has hosted. Parlay House is dedicated to providing insightful, inspiring, and empowering gatherings and events.

Parlay House NYC
Wisdom from the Last Event:   It was an electric evening at our last Parlay House, with a panel of 3 courageous and passionate women sharing

Parlay House: Future of Food

We celebrated women who are creating food for the future! Crickets, moringa, and algae were all on the menu, and everyone agreed that they tasted
We gathered to hear how Carin Luna-Ostaseski came to love whisky. Spoiler alert for those who missed the event: it was through a breakup. When
We celebrated the return of Shabana Basij-Rasikh, a young woman who not only rose above her situation to get an education and survive…

Building Your Own Personal Brand

Our first Parlay House in the East Bay was a success! Thank you to all who joined us at the home of member Katharine Earhart

Creating Your Own Happiness

On Wednesday, March 15, two dynamic women within one impressive company, opened up and talked about their experiences, life paths and quest for a happy


In an effort to continue to expose all of us to new ideas, experiences and ways to connect, we were delighted to host Parlay House

January Re-Invention

New year’s resolutions take on new meaning as we reflect on our country’s current state of affairs and our own personal place in the world.

Come Together

After processing the turn of events in the presidential election, Parlay House members gathered to confirm our connection, our hope and our power. Anne canceled