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We are very proud to have created an environment that can be a safe and nurturing place for women to meet other amazing women, to share experiences, and to find commonalities. Friendships are formed, new adventures are had, and it’s almost always a moving and meaningful experience.

That said, Parlay House is NOT a place where women come for the purpose of business networking, favor-seeking or company/personal promotion. Relationships form and opportunities arise naturally outside of these events, but please do not come for that purpose.

Parlay House is a new form of community for belonging, friendship and support. We're for learning, exchanging and growing. We're for togetherness rather than transactions. We're for joining hearts and minds, for creating a place to have more good moments, more good days and to help be part of shaping a better world. What's Parlay House for? We're for you. We gather digitally and in person with other women who are typically not part of our usual social circles. We talk about the topics that matter to us and boost us. The energy that comes from these moments of bonding and belonging stays with us long after the events end. That's what we call the Parlay Effect. We hope you'll join us to feel it too.

In our House, you choose. Parlay House is supported by our flexible model that allows you to pay what you can. That means it can be free* or it can be whatever you feel comfortable with. You can change your plan or cancel any time. *Digital events and on-line content are available to all members. In-person events require the purchase of a ticket to help off-set our costs, and vary slightly by city. The average ticket is $25 and includes great content, light bites and the chance to meet other amazing women.

Yes! You can change your plan or cancel any time. Just go to your "Account Settings" page. Life Happens and we'll always be here for you.

Our digital conversation series, Parlay from Away, hosts events every other week on Zoom. If you can't attend the live exchange, we record the events and make them accessible through our website. Our signature in-person events happen in members' homes around the world. They are typically held monthly but frequency varies by location. Current active cities include: Amman, Atlanta, Denver, London, NYC, Oakland, Paris, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, and Washington D.C. Want to help bring Palray House to your home town? Email hello@parlayhouse.com and let us know!

We curate content that makes you feel connected, inspired, informed and energized. Our speakers are people who are willing to tell their authentic and vulnerable personal stories - ones you can relate to in your own way. And we introduce you to experts who might make you stronger -- physically, mentally, practically and creatively. Some examples? We've been inspired by Dierdre Wolownick, the oldest woman to climb El Capitan and by April Holmes, a Paralympic gold medalist. We've heard from Cory Booker, Senator from NJ about leadership during a pandemic. We've benefitted from the wisdom of Laurie Fried who helps women take control of their financial lives, and we've helped bridge the gap between generations with the expertise of Hana Ben-Shabat, who helped us understand how world events shape our views. Celebrated quilter Kim Newton talked about how she left the high-powered corporate world to follow her creative dream, and Aimee Allison gave us insight about the process of bringing women of color to influence the election and helping lift the first woman of color into the Oval Office.

There are many opportunities for women to network. Those events tend to be transactional exchanges for the purpose of advancement. They're extractive in their nature and take place among people in similar industries, life-stages or levels. We're not that. We're all about digging deeper. Connecting rather than transacting. Belonging outside of work or life-stage definitions. Feeling a sense of shared experiences and coming together to fill unmet needs. When you walk away from our events, you'll likely leave with bonds that blossom into friendships, experiences that give you a new way of seeing, support systems that fill needed gaps and opportunities for joy, and renewed energy that keeps you coming back for more.