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inclusive communities of women that inform, nurture and inspire.



There are many places to “network”, but few places to truly connect about topics that really matter.

Parlay House is an inclusive series of in-person gatherings for women that foster intimate conversations and ignite meaningful bonds between strangers. With content based on our desire to empower, share, entertain and nurture, we’re creating a universal sense of belonging for women that spans age, race and sexual orientation and broaches topics that few of us can safely tackle in other parts of our lives. Parlay House is redefining the concept of community in ways that strengthen and uplift us all.

Parlay From Away is a supplement to our live gatherings and is open to everyone, using video events to bring meaningful conversations online. By creating a globally accessible community to connect authentically, we create a deeper sense of belonging and are able to reach places where physical gatherings don’t take place.

Bring A Friend is our new podcast. It’s a place where real people shine and people who shine get real. These are conversations that we usually only have with our best friends and now, we’re sharing the best ones with you.

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After a 25-year career as a multiple-time CEO in the world of advertising, Anne Devereux-Mills realized that her work-life had been built on transactional relationships that were more driven by expectations and extraction. She didn’t want to be valued for her power and influence, but rather, to create relationships with women who wanted to be connected based on trust, empathy, openness, and authenticity. She wanted to find “four quarters rather than 100 pennies” around her.

She founded Parlay House to make sure the next chapter of her life not only filled those needs but created a space for other women to do the same. Her goal: to ignite deep and meaningful bonds that transcend age, race, history, and sexual orientation. She started the organization in 2012 by inviting a small group of strangers into her home to talk about topics that they couldn’t share elsewhere. Their collective energy gave birth to the now-global Parlay House organization.



Arielle Fuller is an experience designer and relationship builder by trade, a hype woman and a positive-fairy-godmother by nature. Her knack for curating meaningful experiences through diversity, connection, and community makes her a perfect fit as Parlay House’s Chief Relationship Officer. She and Anne work side by side to bring safe spaces, authentic connections, and meaningful conversations to women around the world. Always cranking behind the scenes, you’ll also find her co-hosting / co-producing Bring A Friend, Parlay House’s podcast.

Passionate about creating a sense of belonging for others and a big believer in the power of positivity, Arielle strives to master a greater understanding of what makes people tick cross-culturally because she has a deep fascination with the human mind itself. Warning: friends describe her as ‘ALL CAPS, all the time’ and her extroversion knows no limits.


In her new book, The Parlay Effect: How Female Connection Can Change the World, Anne Devereux-Mills uses her insights as the founder of Parlay House to show how small actions that can create a cascade of positive experiences and change and lead to a boost in self-awareness, confidence, and vision.

With real-life stories and scientific research — backed by a study on “the Parlay Effect” with Dr. Serena Chen, a professor of social psychology at the University of California at Berkeley — The Parlay Effect offers a blueprint for reframing relationships, feeling more empowered, and building positive communities with multiplying effects.


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