Welcome to our Help Center! Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please reach out to us at any time at  and someone from our team will reach out ASAP!

We are very proud to have created an environment that can be a safe and nurturing place for women to meet other amazing women, to share experiences, and to find commonalities. Friendships are formed, new adventures are had, and its almost always a moving and meaningful experience.

That being said, Parlay House is NOT a place where women come for the purpose of business networking, favor-seeking or company/personal promotion. Relationships form and opportunities arise naturally outside of these events, but please do not come solely for that purpose.

Yes you will! Thank you so much for being with us this whole time. Your old log-in will not work on our new site. You can either sign up on your own by clicking "Join" at the top right of our site's menu bar, or wait for our follow-up email to help you get your new account started.

Our Guests are women who want a taste of Parlay House and pay-as-they-go but do not have an ongoing membership. They have access to our event invites, Weekend Newsletter, and our Founder's monthly Parlay Effect Newsletter.

Our Members are women who have invested in us through one of our flexible membership plans to support our mission: to create safe spaces to connect and discuss topics that matter for women all over the world. Our Members have access to everything our Guests receive, plus much more including weekly digital events, our Parlay From Away video gallery, event takeaways, speaker resources & follow-up info, members-only events, partnerships, collaborations, & special offers, and more!

Yes you can! Enter any amount you're comfortable contributing monthly (as low as $1) and enjoy your new membership.

YOU BUG HUNTER! Please email any bugs or feedback to feedback@parlayhouse.com and we will work to get it fixed. Thank you for the lift - we are so much better, together.

You can change or cancel your membership plan at any time by logging in, selecting 'Account Settings' from the menu at the top right, and scrolling down to the "Membership Plan" section.

For now, we will continue sending all event invites via email. As long as you have an account, you will get these invites and be able to sign up through a link in each email. Check back soon for our updated event booking flow!

First of all, YOU'RE THE BEST! Thank you so much for thinking of pulling another woman forward. To nominate a new member, log into your account and enter their name, email, and a sweet note in the orange 'Invite A New Member" section. Hit "Nominate" and you're done!

We value your input on programming. Please email arielle@parlayhouse.com to share an idea.

We are true believers in pulling the next woman forward. So while we have a policy of no refunds, you can transfer your ticket to another woman or, we will invite the next woman on the waitlist to use your ticket if you are not able to make it after all. Just try to let us know as soon as you can so that she can have enough time to join us and thank you for your support!

You can update your email by logging in, selecting 'Account Settings' from the menu at the top right, and making changes in the "My Profile" section.

Absolutely. And if she enjoys the experience, please nominate her as a member using the "Invite a New Member" link.

Each month, we try to let you know about other things that are relevant, meaningful and happening in the area. These events and opportunities are often projects that one of our Members is involved with, and as often as possible there is a special discount code or special experience for Parlay House members. These events are listed at the end of event emails and while not exclusive to us, you will find other Parlay House members there. You can tell us about potential Parlay-Endorsed events at membership@parlayhouse.com