August 2018


It’s that time of the year: transitioning from Summer into Fall.

Kids going back to school, the frenetic energy of the end of the year…you know the drill.

With this change, the nebulous concept of “success” lingers in the air.

Whether it’s having a successful fundraiser or a skyrocketing sales quarter, this swirling idea of success can feel overwhelming and defeating.


When I was working, I always tried to contribute at a level above my “grade” so that a promotion would be something I could easily handle. But when that promotion came, I’d already been doing the work, so it didn’t feel worthy of celebration. 

When I was parenting, each decision was focused on what was right for that child at that moment, not as contributing to my daughter’s overall security, sense of self, or personal foundation. Each decision was just one lego in the stack. 

I figured out a reframe on the idea of success: not something that happens all at once, but instead, something made up of small achievements along the way. With this new perception, I felt momentum, energy, and confidence on a regular basis. 


I’m curious, if you were to think of success as small achievements, how would YOU define a successful day? 

Some ideas:

  • Receiving an unsolicited “I love you” or hug from your child
  • Completing a project in advance of its deadline
  • Meeting someone new who might become a real friend
  • Making time to get some exercise or re-charge your own batteries


Now, let’s help our friends and family reframe success.

Share how you celebrate the “small stuff” and pass it on. If you don’t have one, ask your community what they do to thrive.

Share it big: post your story on social media
Share it small: text a friend whose success, however small, you admire
Share it with me: simply send me a note