December 2018

While tis the season to feel festive, tis the season for exhaustion too.

There’s something about the end of the year that is simultaneously exhilarating and depleting — giving our energy to others feels good, but we can be left with nothing for ourselves.


How are you feeling right now? 

Take a second or two to check in with your body.

Are you scrolling on your phone, squinting to read this email? Are you hunched over at a desk? Maybe you’re standing at your kitchen table, trying to get kids out the door.

What if this holiday season you give to others — and give to yourself, too?

What’s a gift that benefits everyone on your list? Self-care.


It may sound cheesy — put on the oxygen mask first before putting it on anyone else — but taking care of you is essential to taking care of others.

When I spend all of my time caring for others, I’m left depleted, exhausted, and even on edge. While I seem to be my most generous self, I’m not my best self. I’m easier to trigger, less able to hear, and even disconnected from myself.

Self-care to me means a daily workout and a nightly bath.

What feels like self-care to you? 

A walk around the block for fresh air? A massage? Perhaps it’s staying in bed all day, watching your favorite TV show.

Whatever it may be, take care of you this season.


Here are some ways to do it:

  • Write yourself a love note: list the small things you love about yourself and keep it nearby so that you can re-read it when you’re feeling blue. 
  • Set an intention for the new year that includes how you’ll take care of you. 
  • Learn to hear your inner self — the one that senses your feelings and needs. Give that self as much attention as you do for others.

Share it big: tell the world your #OneSmallThing self-care ritual by sharing it on social media. 

Share it small: if you want more of an intimate connection, send it directly to friends, family, or colleagues via email/text/phone.

Share it with me: I’m building a collection of these small actions that turn out to have real value and meaning for others. I hope you will share how you prioritize you by sending me a note.