For most of us, there is often a disconnection between how we look and how we feel.

Being “thin” is admired, and considered the definition of health and beauty. It’s proof that we have our lives, our food, and our exercise under control.

For women living in larger bodies, self-acceptance is interpreted as a sign of having been freed from unhealthy (and often unachievable) expectations of thinness and a release from perfectionistic expectations.

But when we peel back what we look like on the outside, there is often a gap between the external presentation and what we are experiencing on an emotional level.

Join us for an open conversation about weight and mental health with three women whose bodies and emotional centers were often at odds. From dealing with depression to experiencing eating disorders, our brave panelists Nia, Colleen, and Joan will reveal their personal struggles with body image and control.

We will hear about how they have moved towards building healthier, happier selves both inside and out, and how each of them is a continued work in progress. We hope you’ll join us for this vulnerable discussion that is sure to inspire and empower you.