Let’s talk about JUSTICE.

Imagine a world in which a single mistake could cost you everything and continue following you like a dark cloud, for the rest of your life. Imagine not being able to move forward, no matter how much you change or hard you try. This is the reality for millions of people who find themselves impacted by the criminal legal system each year – no matter the reality of their own actions.

Join us to hear from Emily Galvin Almanza, an award-winning public defender, Harvard and Stanford alum, and fierce leader of accompliceship in disrupting the cycle of poverty and incarceration. As the Founder and CEO of Partners for Justice, she is on a mission to improve the lives of low-income people by empowering and supporting them to maintain homes, livelihoods, family bonds, property, and access to the social safety net.

Her “magic sauce” for making change is not to go it alone, but to train recent college grads to become advocates, thereby multiplying her organization’s impact on an exponential level and helping groom the next generation of change-making leaders.

She will walk us through this challenging but fascinating work, and open up about how her team is changing the detrimental attitudes, biases, and practices within the existing legal system and society in general. We invite you to explore how true justice can be achieved for all.

Let’s put our judgments aside and learn together.