Let’s face it. It’s only January and we’re already burned out. Actually, we are still burned out from 2020…

After nearly a year of remote work, we’ve settled into new routines… and yet we’re more exhausted than ever. So how do we live better?

Join us and women’s leadership expert and certified executive coach, Randi Braun, for a workshop on Beating Burnout & Reclaiming Time.

Together, we will learn:
*New frameworks for decision-making when stressed or overwhelmed
*Tactics for effective time management
*Strategies for balancing your personal (and family) needs with business needs, while also avoiding burnout
* Your own Beating Burnout game plan

We can do this by supporting each other and taking care of ourselves. Let’s get to it!

Randi Braun: A certified executive coach, speaker, and the Founder of Something Major, Randi Braun’s expertise is helping women leaders thrive. Using an optimization—not remediation—based approach for coaching, Randi empowers her clients to live more impactful, more fulfilled, and less burned out work lives. A thought leader on women in the workplace, Randi’s insights have been featured in The Washington Post, Forbes, and Parents Magazine, among others.