How do we best change our perspective of the experiences of those who are different?

Join us for an all-important conversation with two members of the Parlay House community, Adimika Arthur and Carla Vernón. They will talk about their personal journeys through life, Adimika as a Black Woman and Carla as an Afro Latina Woman, and share what it feels like to be mothers to young sons and wives of black men.

As with all Parlay House events, this is intended to be a conversation that helps us better learn, listen, love, and lift the women around us. We want to learn to live with our differences in the best way possible.

We hope you will join us. Out of respect for our speakers and to limit their burden of educating others during this traumatic time, we ask that you please consider preparing for this conversation by reading the article: For Our White Friends Desiring to Be Allies written by Courtney Ariel.