Join us on May 25th to learn more about true creativity, where it comes from and how it’s actually a level of consciousness.

What most people don’t realize is that entrepreneurship and any art form is really receivership — receiving the creative spark and having the space to allow it to flow through you. You are the creative channel.

Sometimes life gets so busy, we exist in a beta brainwave state that actually blocks us from receiving inspiration. Join us to learn more about how tools like meditation, exercise and play can help unblock you.

We’ll also explore The Mother Archetype which is the giver of life or the creator of something (not necessarily biological life) and how it’s connected to the heart chakra because to give authentic life is to create from the heart – not the mind.

If you’re struggling with exhaustion, feeling unmotivated, or curious about how you can tap into your own creative essence, Garrett will elucidate ways you can get in touch with your creative power in our dynamic conversation.

As always, tasty bites, wine, and drinks will be served, plus meaningful connections for all.

Hope you can make it, and please invite any women in your life to join our community!

We’re stronger together,

Boston Instigators

This event will be hosted by our Boston Local Instigators: Ashleigh Powers, Jill Bodnar, Jin Li Frick, Meghan Houle, and Susan Thifault. You’ll receive specific location, parking, and arrival details after signup.