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No matter how many Oscars he’s won or how many times he’s hosted SNL, Tom Hanks still confesses he keeps worrying about getting fired on every set.

Even after writing eleven books and winning several awards, Maya Angelou couldn’t escape the doubt that she hadn’t earned her accomplishments.

Such feelings of fraudulence and deep self-doubt are extremely common in top executives, entrepreneurs, and top performers. It’s time for a straightforward, actionable talk about WHAT “Impostor Syndrome” is, the four surprising ways it shows up in superstars, and how to get past each of its forms.


  1. What impostor syndrome is, why it occurs, and also what it is NOT.
  2. Why and how overachievers are especially at risk of feeling like a fraud.
  3. Three exercises that will help you overcome any and all instances of impostor syndrome – that you can use again and again.

Join us as we gather to beat imposter syndrome together! We’ll have some light bites and sips, and we’d love it if you brought a friend or two.

We can’t wait to see you there!

– The Boston Instigators: Meghan, Ashleigh, Susan, and Jill.

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