Let’s talk about those special moments, the ones you wish could last forever. What if they could? Or at least, what if the memory of them can?

Capturing these moments and preserving memories is exactly what Lindsay Connors is all about. Owner of Lindsay Connors Photography, Lindsay has a unique perspective on how to capture meaningful experiences and stories through her lens.

At our next Parlay House talk, Lindsay will share her passion for storytelling and invite us all to explore our own personal connections more deeply than ever before.

Telling stories through photographs has allowed Lindsay to create everlasting connections. Everyone has a story to tell, and there are universal threads connecting us all, if you only know where to tug. Lindsay will show us how to find the thread.As always, light bites and wine will be served and a good time had by all!

Hope you can make it, and please invite any women in your life to join our community!

We’re stronger together,

Boston Instigators

This event will be hosted by our Boston Local Instigators: Ashleigh Powers, Jill Bodnar, Jin Li Frick, Meghan Houle, and Susan Thifault. You’ll receive specific location, parking, and arrival details after signup.