Communication is tough enough on a good day. Add in the stress of a global pandemic and the relationship strains that come with quarantining for weeks on end and it can feel nearly impossible to avoid conflict.

Join this Parlay From Away conversation with Wendy Behary – a nationally recognized and esteemed psychotherapist, to learn how to navigate challenging conversations with the people you are close to. This interactive talk with cover the full spectrum of challenging conversations including:

***Speaking with someone who is arrogant, rude, entitled, or narcissistic
***What to say to someone grieving / in deep pain or sorrow
***How to engage with someone being quiet or avoidant

When uncertainty and fear fill us up, it’s only natural to put up our walls and protect what we feel we can still control. With all the unfamiliar transitions we’re going through right now, it’s more important than ever to keep opening up and working on more empathetic and effective communication with others. Authentic connection the antidote to fear.