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Let’s be honest – we all have people in our lives who can be dismissive, devaluing, and downright critical of us.

But there is another critic that also has the power to provoke pain and distress – yourself.

Sound familiar? Well, here’s the thing – we all have that inner voice – inaudible by others, but sometimes too loud and unrelenting in our own head. This can be healthy in small doses, but left unchecked this inner critic can be downright destructive – so let’s learn some ways to tell her to shush up!

Welcome back Parlay House DC friends – old and new. Ready to meet up again? Start the year with a great gathering as we re-launch Parlay House here in DC. Enjoy a light dinner and a chance to meet and support other women looking to connect, learn some new things, and make some new friends outside of your usual social circles. And relax and join the conversation with our own DC co-instigator Wendy Behary, a globally respected psychotherapist, who will offer some strategies for calming your own fierce inner critic so we can each make 2023 the best year yet!