Thinking about ourselves as sexual beings can feel awkward and uncomfortable in the best of times and the idea of talking about our sexuality in the middle of a global health crisis can sound a little ridiculous, we know.

That being said, many are naming this time “The Great Pause”. A time to slow down, reflect on what’s important, and lend some attention to the parts of ourselves we tend to neglect.

As women, our sexuality and desires are typically overlooked by others (and often, ourselves). In a time when there is very little physical connectivity available, it’s more important than ever to grow closer to our own bodies, listen to and fulfill all of our personal needs.

Join us this Thursday for a stimulating conversation with Dr. Logan Levkoff, an internationally recognized expert on sexuality and relationships who will help us:

  • Break down the double standards women face where sex is concerned
  • Understand what modern sexuality is and how we can explore our own
  • Get comfortable discovering and fulfilling our sexual selves