With an uncertain future looming for all of us, Parlay House wants to make sure that our members are as well-equipped as possible to make it through the transition. Last week we talked about mental strength and intention. This week we are talking about money. No matter where you are in your life’s journey, there are steps that you can take to assert more control over your financial life.

Women tend to live longer, we’re generally paid less, and statistically, we make more conservative investment decisions. Understanding and taking control of your finances gives you the ability to make other important financial and life choices.

Join us this Thursday for an illuminating conversation with Laurie Fried and Jean Schwarz of Lumina Financial Consultants who will begin to break the taboo around women talking about money and help us feel more educated and empowered to face whatever economic change is to come.

We will hear from these two expert financial professionals who will explain:

  • Why the disparity in finance education has persisted
  • Why it is so important to set financial goals for yourself
  • How to manage your finances during (and following) economic uncertainty

We welcome you, your friends and loved ones to join this important conversation. With the global climate being what it is, the men in your life are welcome too – as we could all stand to learn more about protecting our finances during a crisis.