What role does food play in your life? Does it provide you with comfort? Is it your arch enemy? Is it a language you use to show you care about others?

For many of us, the answer to all of these questions is… yes! We want to talk about food and its connection to our inner selves, so this week we’re welcoming Susan Simpson to the Parlay House stage. Susan is a schema therapist and expert in the intimate relationships between food and self.

Bring all your questions.



Susan Simpson, PsyD, is a Clinical Psychologist and Schema Therapy trainer/supervisor with over 20 years of specialist experience in treating clients with eating and body image disorders. She is founder and Director of Schema Therapy Scotland, and provides training and lectures worldwide for psychotherapists both on the topics of Schema Therapy and the treatment of eating disorders. She is passionate about developing new and powerful ways of transforming both women and men’s relationship with food, through strengthening self-compassion, and developing a more authentic relationship with our inner world, our vulnerability, and our bodies.

She has published several research papers and book chapters on schema therapy and the treatment of eating disorders, and has presented her findings at national and international conferences. She is co-author of Schema Therapy for Eating Disorders, which is a therapist’s guide to working with eating disorders, published by Routledge in 2019 and is currently writing a self-help book for people who struggle with problematic eating patterns and body image. She is currently working alongside a team of eating disorder experts to set up the Global Institute of Eating Disorders online training site for clinicians working in the field of eating disorders, which is due to go live in late 2021 (gied.com). Her private practice is primarily devoted to treating clients with eating disorders, and the families of those struggling with eating difficulties.