You’ve probably learned that it’s the language we tell ourselves on the inside that dictates the output we experience on the outside, but did you know that you have the power to rewrite the scripts your subconscious mind turns into negative self-talk?

Enter Hypnosis: the natural (though seemingly magical) therapy that allows us to take control of our inner thoughts and beliefs to channel our subconscious power towards achieving our goals instead of allowing it to hold us back.

This week’s speaker – Richard Barker: The Incredible Hypnotist – has found success treating patients all over the world for a wide array of personal struggles including trauma, PTSD, anxiety, addiction, stunted career growth, weight loss, low self-esteem, smoking, low sex-drive, and more.

Join us this Thursday to hear from this two-time Parlay House speaker alum, who will reveal:

  • What hypnosis is and why it’s so misunderstood
  • How to outcast our negative belief systems
  • How hypnotic visualization can help us reach incredible goals
  • How to build & practice hypnotic success habits

We welcome you, your friends and loved ones to join this mesmerizing conversation. With the global climate being what it is, the men in your life are welcome too – as we could all stand to explore new ways to stay positive, focused, and feeling in control of our ability to prosper.