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Let’s say you’ve been out of touch for many years. We mean really out of touch. Like… in prison. Locked up. Incarcerated.

And then your term is up and you re-enter a strange new world. One filled with technology you’ve never seen, new behaviors and new social values. One filled with judgements about you.

How do you adapt to this new world, and maybe more importantly, how do you break your own cycle so that you can thrive instead of ending up back in prison?

Susan Burton knows because she herself followed that path.

One of the special things about Susan though, is that not only did she break her own cycle, she has been helping women coming out of prison find their own solid footing for 25 years.

Founder of A New Way of Life and recipient of countless humanitarian awards, Susan provides hope that as a community we can work to lift people to a level of opportunity that turns the tables for them and for us all.

We hope you’ll join us as we build the foundation for a space in LA where we can get real with people outside our social circles and explore all the conversations we’ve been longing to have.

Sips and snacks will be provided, and we have no doubt that meaningful connections will be sparked!

This event will be hosted by our LA Local Instigator, Jane Belzberg. You’ll receive specific address and location details after signup.