You don’t have to be looking to be interested!

This week we’re getting the literal DL on dating and relationships from one of the country’s matchmaking queens.

Come join Robyn Raynes of Three Day Rule as she takes us on her own personal journey to becoming a professional matchmaker and shares the insights she’s learned that have relevance for us all.



After graduating from the College of Charleston, Robyn worked in sales and marketing for various startups, but as she had always been known among her friends as the “connector,” Robyn knew her path would lead her to a role where she could help others find love. Robyn joined Three Day Rule in 2013, when she launched the company’s New York City market.  Since then, she’s helped grow Three Day Rule to 12 cities and about 50 matchmakers.   Today, she runs the team responsible for acquiring new members, and is part of Three Day Rule’s core leadership team.