Are you aware of what kinds of situations / personality types / individuals trigger your insecurities? And if you are, what do you do about it?

Let’s discuss the ways that we let our kryptonite get to us:

  • Believing other people’s opinions and definitions of you (e.g. just because they don’t like something about you doesn’t actually mean there is anything wrong with you!)
  • Holding onto an outdated view of yourself (e.g. maybe you used to be the ne’er do well in the family, but what does your life say you are now?)
  • Undervaluing things that come easily to us (e.g. pooh-pooh-ing something because you don’t think it’s hard, even if it’s incredible and valuable to others)

We can learn to practice noticing and intercepting our triggers and replacing automatic reactions with intentional, healthy behavior.



I’m Jennine Heller, founder of J Heller Coaching. With a no-nonsense approach to coaching, I guide executives in tech to become the most effective and confident leaders they can be. Through our work together, my clients have smashed through insecurities and blind spots that were holding them back and have gone on to secure high-level positions at their dream company, increase their influence and visibility, and confidently inhabit their senior role. I have a degree in Computer Science from Brown University, and I earned a Professional Performance Coach (PPC) certification from Source Point Institute. But my most important experience? I got that on the job. For decades, I’ve been a part of the same fast-paced world of tech that my clients are now navigating. I started as a software engineer for companies like Hewlett-Packard, ran and sold my own startup, worked as an executive, and consulted for other startups. I’m a member of the Forbes Coaches Council and my articles on leadership have been published on,,, and more.

Outside of work, I’m an artist and painter, I speak three languages (English, French, Spanish), I’m half Puerto Rican and half Jewish. Oy very, do I love salsa dancing! You might have seen me around the Bay Area hiking Mt. Tamalpais, serving as board president for the Joe Goode Performance Group, or volunteering with TechWomen and Girls, Inc.