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Who do you partner with, and why?

As humans, we tend to saddle up beside people who share some of our interests and tastes, our needs and our values.

But what happens when you’re a brand selling a product to a highly divided customer market?

Meet Sali Christeson, Founder and CEO of the fashion label Argent. She’s been asked that question a lot lately.

Ahead of the midterm elections, Argent teamed up with Supermajority to launch Voting Suits You, a campaign intended to inspire and encourage women to embrace their political power, suit up, and register to vote this November. After all, they are a clothing company meeting the needs of America’s female leaders, and they are the creators of the famous Pink Suit which sold out in just hours in 2020. (Don’t worry, the pink suit is back in force for 2022.) It made sense to Sali and her team that they do their part in helping women make their voices heard.

The road toward empowerment has been pretty bumpy lately.

Come hear Sali’s story The Power of Pink about what drove her to create a suiting brand designed for the needs of women, and why her female-focused company is often facing unexpected political pushback.

As always refreshments will be served!