Feeling like you could always do better than you are right now? You’re not alone! In fact, studies show that one in every three women working in the corporate workplace is a perfectionist and an even greater number are highly self-critical. Our guess is that those of us who aren’t in a corporate environment are equally hard on ourselves.

Why do we judge ourselves as “not good enough” and how can we start to shift away from those patterns?

This week’s guest, Jennifer Kemp will help us get started on a path to greater self-compassion. She’s a clinical psychologist, author and trainer whose expertise is helping her patients create lasting positive change through the process of building acceptance, flexibility and self-compassion. Whether you are a perfectionist yourself, or have perfectionists in your lives, this discussion should shed light on how to shift your focus to what’s really important.


Jennifer Kemp is a Clinical psychologist, author, and trainer. BSc(Psych)Hons, MPsych(Clinical), GradDipApplSc(Psychology of Coaching), MAPS, FCCLP Adjunct Lecturer, School of Psychology, University of Adelaide.

Jennifer is the author of the ACT Workbook for Perfectionism. She presents internationally and is available for public speaking, conferences, and workshops. She provides professional consultations to therapists seeking to deepen their therapeutic skills and fluency in ACT.