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2020-09-17 • 11:00 am PST



There are many privileges beyond skin color – access to resources, wealth, geography, age, religion, attractiveness, body type, and more. Sometimes we openly accept certain privileges to cope with more hurtful ones as a way to protect ourselves from pain and feeling insignificant. Over time, we begin to believe that our assumed privileges are proof that we are special, unique, or merely different from the damaging labels that society wants to impose on us to have the world make sense.

We’d like to invite you to a special event with one of our very own Local-Instigators, Tanum Davis Bohen, who will walk us through her journey as a woman who had innate privileges afforded to her except one. Her skin color.

Her story begins as an oblivious girl who inadvertently navigates life’s painful realities by socially “code-switching” – burying her feelings of insecurity deep within her unconscious mind. She emerges as a strong, successful leader whose own racial awakening took place during the recent protests against systemic racial inequities. This jolt of reality led Tanum to unearth her life’s real mission: to make people comfortable being uncomfortable when talking about race. Herself included because, really, this is about us all.

Her perspective is a vulnerable, powerful, and unique one that we’re thrilled to help amplify. We can’t wait to learn together.

All in person event invites & details will be sent to members by email.



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