How much did you get done today?

For many of us, our productivity significantly impacts our self-esteem. If we don’t get a lot done, we’re lazy, and if we’re lazy, we’re worthless. If we’re worthless, we’re wasting our lives. How did we get to this place where being productive defines how we feel about ourselves?

Sarah Kaufman, LMSW, a licensed psychotherapist and social worker based in Brooklyn, has great insight to share. She’s passionate about supporting people in living full and authentic lives that are not measured by “how much,” but instead by how deeply connected they are to themselves and to their values.


Sarah Kaufman, LMSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and social worker based in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently practicing at Cobb Psychotherapy, where she specializes in identity formation, career performance, relationships and sexuality, anxiety, and grief and loss. Sarah is passionate about supporting people in living full, authentic lives based on their goals, wishes, and needs. She believes that healing and evolution occur when people feel understood, heard, and held in spaces free of judgment. To that end, she is always working to foster that space. 

Prior to becoming a therapist, Sarah spent 10 years working in brand marketing for fintech startups, where she grew creative teams and immersed herself in the world of sales and marketing. It was during this first career that she developed a curiosity around the world’s obsession with efficiency and productivity, which seemed to, at times, come at the expense of human connection, self-reflection, and, perhaps most importantly, fulfillment. 

Sarah has been featured as a mental health and relationships expert in various publications, including Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Psych Central, HuffPost, and Salon. When she is not practicing therapy, she is engaging in therapy of her own, practicing yoga, and spending time with her husband and their adorable cat and dog (who unfortunately barely tolerate each other). Say hi at