Let’s Really Talk About Mental Health

If you haven’t personally struggled with a mental health or substance use disorder, someone you care about almost certainly has. These types of disorders soared during the pandemic and still continue to climb. How we understand and discuss these disorders directly affects how we as a society address them.

Journalist Katie MacBride is on a mission to improve the way we learn and talk about and learn about mental health and substance use disorders. She is a recovering alcoholic, health journalist, and founding member of Anxy, an award-winning mental health magazine.

Join us for a conversation about crafting a new mental health narrative that is holistic, respectful, and inclusive.


Katie MacBride is a health science reporter for Inverse where she covers mental health, the pandemic, drugs, and basically anything that affects the body. Prior to joining Inverse, she wrote for Vice News, Rolling Stone, The Daily Beast, and Playboy, among other publications. In 2015, she and a few friends started Anxy, a magazine about mental health.