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Picture a powerful conductor on stage, immersed in the precise dance of their baton…what image do you see? If you visualized Leonard Bernstein or John Philip Sousa, you’re not alone. Men, especially white men, dominate the classical music field.

Jessica Bejarano is quite familiar with this problem. She is the Founder and Music Director of the San Francisco Philharmonic — and one of few female conductors in the world. Behind the glamor of her “trailblazer” title, there’s an emotional burden of carrying that baton and a much heavier workload than her more-privileged peers. These days, Jessica is committed to making her orchestra diverse and inclusive.

Come hear how she makes beautiful music heard in a society that often doesn’t listen to queer, tattooed, Latina women like her – and how we can all learn to take up space in the places we most want to belong.

As always, we’ll have nourishing bites and beverages!

We can’t wait to Parlay with you!