We rely on journalists to keep us informed about news from our communities and around the world. What happens when they’re prevented from sharing their stories?

Welcome to the world of censorship.

Natalya Sindeyeva is a journalist who faced that conundrum. In 2008 she launched the independent news station, TV Rain (Dozhd TV) in Russia, with the goal of reporting on events without bias. She wanted that news delivered by reporters of all opinions and identities.

But what started off as a lifestyle news station soon became an endeavor under siege when the Russian state shut them down and sent the employees fleeing only 6 days after the war in Ukraine began.

Natalya’s story has now become news of its own, and in a new documentary directed by Vera Krichevskaya, TV Rain’s co-founder, we follow Natalya’s fight to share the truth and keep independent news alive in Russia.

Please join us as we welcome Vera to the Parlay House stage and watch her film, F*CK THIS JOB. It’s our way of opening up yet another conversation that will provoke, inspire and bring us all closer together.



Vera is the Co-Founder of Dozhd TV (TV Rain), the only independent private TV Channel in Russia. She is an award-winning TV Director who has worked as director and producer at television channels NTV and Dozhd and as a Senior Producer of the channel 24DOC. She is also the director of many documentary films including F@ck This Job and The Man Who Was Too Free.