For far too long, women’s health issues have taken a backseat. We’re ready to make ourselves heard. 

Get ready to hear from Rhiannon White, whose life is dedicated to pursuing that mission by making technology work for women’s healthcare. Rhiannon experienced fertility issues and had her first child through IVF. Now, as the Chief Product Officer at Clue, a period and cycle tracking app, she leads a team of people creating easier, more accessible ways to start a family, and is helping women take control of their health. 

On a weekly basis, Rhiannon speaks to women across the globe to hear about their pain and experiences seeking healthcare, which are still routinely dismissed. She strongly believes that everyone should have the information and knowledge to make their own choices. 

Rhiannon will share her captivating journey in politics, her path into product and, of course, the future of FemTech. 


Rhiannon is a highly empathetic product leader with deep experience building world-class software products, and the world-class product teams that underpin those products. At Clue, she serves as the Chief Product Officer, responsible for creating a medical-grade reproductive health app that can empower people with cycles from their first period to their last with personalized health insights. She has experience across a range of industries and business models, including companies like Shazam, Vend, BBC and more. She has held product leadership roles in London, Silicon Valley, Auckland and Berlin, giving her a global perspective on customer needs. She is the proud parent of three completely wild and wonderful children.