Good negotiators are aggressive, stubborn, and unemotional, right? Wrong, says author, Wharton Business School Faculty Member, and this week’s Parlay House speaker Mori Taheripour.

Join us to hear her radically different perspective that will give you the tools you need to put yourself in a strong position without the expected conflict. Not only will she “get real” with us about her personal journey, she’ll walk us through:

  • What happens when you undermine yourself in an effort to please others
  • How our pressure points, personal experiences, and cultural expectations can become roadblocks to finding common ground
  • The essential strategies to move beyond our roadblocks
  • Why we should embrace vulnerability and not let our scars define us
  • Why empathy, presence and an open mind are essential to an effective negotiation
  • How self-reflection and claiming your power are essential to your success in negotiation

Mori wants women to know that regardless of our own perceived ability to negotiate – which on average is much lower than that of men – we must have the courage to engage. Because bargaining plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives.