How many “likes” do you get and give each day on social media? For most of us, technology is providing windows into other people’s lives, and we are relying on it even more while we are socially distancing. Is that a good thing?

The latest scientific studies show that while we may be more technologically connected than ever, we’re also more depressed and lonely than ever. We want to explore that.

In our second partnership of the summer, Parlay House and IndieFlix are collaborating to tackle a subject that we’re not talking enough about: the impact of social media on our lives and the effects of technology on the brain.

We hope you will join us for a screening of the original documentary film, LIKE, followed by a panel discussion with social media and brain health experts, Ashley Leeds of Mindworx and Larissa May or #HalfTheStory.

This event is supplemental to our weekly gatherings and is a perfect chance to invite friends and family to talk about something we don’t talk enough about: how we see each other, how we present ourselves, and the real exchanges that are missing in our lives.


  • Join using the personal link in your event confirmation email
  • This is a webinar so your camera & mic will be off – you can listen from anywhere!
  • 49min screening of the documentary LIKE followed by a 30min panel discussion