This week, many of us are reeling from the death of someone who we likely didn’t even know:#NotoriousRBG. We’re reeling because she was an icon, a champion of women’s rights, and a fierce legal mind who was appointed to the highest position in her profession.

But how do we begin to anticipate and process the aging (and eventual death) of the people we know and love? And how do we think about our own mortality?

This week we’re sitting down with a CA couple who founded their own safe space to have important conversations on all things aging, illness, and death (while living through them in real-time). Their goal is to create support around a subject that we all will experience at some point and yet rarely discuss with each other.

They have seen these conversations help people cope with the many complicated emotions related to the aging process and provide guidance for younger generations to learn how to cope as well.

As we know at Parlay House, when we share a personal truth, we free others to do the same. Let’s talk about what it’s like to be open about getting older, getting sick, dying, and supporting others through it all. Whether the conversation is about you, your parents or people you love, talking about what’s hard to talk about takes practice. So let’s get started.