How many immigrants do you know? Many of us have met people who have come to America seeking better opportunities and the promise of the American Dream. But do we really know the details of their quest to set down new roots, adapt to a different culture, and to deal with feeling so “other” in a place that was supposed to welcome them?

Amy Yvonne Yu is joining us to tell her poignant personal story. She came to America from Hong Kong by herself at the age of ten in search of a better life but found herself very confused about the actual world she entered. As a result, she struggled both mentally and physically in the process of assimilating but found her struggles unacceptable in a culture that is all about fitting in and saving face.

In this talk, she’ll help us understand her own struggle with identity and will frame her experience in the context of a close relative who came to America during the cultural revolution in China and barely escaped a life of human trafficking.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Anne & Arielle


Amy Yvonne Yu is an immigrant who came to America at the young age of 10 by herself on a plane. She considers herself the most culturally confused person she knows: British, born in Hong Kong, lives in California, born to a traditional Chinese family, “adopted” by hippies that ran the Haight Ashbury Free Clinics, and raised herself since the age of 19 due to extreme negligence from her biological family.