We live in a world full of judgment, discord and anger. Relationships are strained, lines are drawn and the issues that divide us seem to be more heated than ever.

The only way to reverse this trend and find common ground is to hear from people whose life paths and belief systems differ from ours. We do it so we can understand and empathize; we do it to listen and learn. This week’s Parlay House is dialing the dialogue up a notch as we welcome Sarah Longwell, an openly gay Republican, anti-Trump activist to our Zoom stage.

If you’ve ever felt that your life’s choices are constantly questioned by those around you and that your choices don’t fit into a pre-sized box, Sarah can relate. Her choices aren’t always popular, but she has found a way to authentically navigate life’s many inflection points with her personal values fully intact.

We hope you’ll join us to hear about her journey and learn how she manages to stay connected and unapologetically herself while walking a polarized and non-traditional path. It’ll be yet another opportunity to create bonds where we think they might be missing, and a framework for our own assessments of who we are, what we value, and how we stay true to ourselves during the most difficult times.