When we learned that only 36% of women say they feel like they’re following their dreams, and over 60% of women are rethinking their lives during the pandemic, we knew who to call to help us explore making meaningful transitions for a more fulfilling life.

Enter fellow Parlay House member Kim Newton, who after two decades left her top executive role at Hallmark during the peak of her corporate career and decided to follow her dream of being a professional quilt artist and guide for other women wishing to change course but not knowing how to start.

Though she’d always created space to process and capture important moments in life through modern quilting, Kim couldn’t have imagined that less than a year after leaving Corporate America she’d be working full time as an artist, launching her own business – The Intentional Pause Project – and have the first quilt she ever sold hanging on Oprah Winfrey’s wall.

Kim’s transition came after taking a very intentional pause herself to listen to her heart and now she’s on a mission to teach more women how to do the same so that it’s not just 36% of us living our dreams.