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2020-07-02 • 5:00 pm PST



Unstoppable. Many of us try to power through the obstacles life throws our way. But our guest speaker this week, Jessica Oliveira-Haddad, takes unstoppability to a whole new level.

Born to undocumented immigrants in NYC, Jessica had to grapple with her parents’ challenging status at an early age and find her own path as a first-generation woman of color living in the US.

Her family’s experience led her to a life of service that is positively impacting thousands of lives. Doing vital work as VP of an organization that helps undocumented minors unify with their family members as quickly and as safely as possible, her career picks up where her own family’s experience began.

Even more recently, when COVID-19 began affecting her community, she personally founded a new organization called the Undocumented Family Fund which to date has sponsored over 400 undocumented families who were left completely helpless and resourceless when they lost their jobs as the economy closed. Her work today is personal because, in so many ways, she’s been there too.

She is young, candid, resilient and exceptionally inspirational. This week should be a Parlay from Away that helps us all walk in the shoes of someone whose life experience and contributions to communities are so exceptionally meaningful.

All in person event invites & details will be sent to members by email.



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