Whether it’s a long-overdue message of appreciation, or thoughts and feelings that have long been unexpressed, this week’s event will help you get started.

As we roll into a holiday season that is less “connected” than usual, we’re bringing you alternative paths for reflection and communication. What better way to strengthen a meaningful bond than by sharing your genuine gratitude for another person’s role in your life, or beginning to pen words and ideas that are still percolating in your head?

We are thrilled to welcome author and podcast host, Nancy Davis Kho who will lead us through a letter-writing workshop and share her story about commemorating her 50th birthday by writing one thank-you letter each week for an entire year. While she anticipated her letter would make recipients feel warm and fuzzy, she never expected how profoundly she herself was affected by the process of writing them.

Grab your pen, a piece of paper or stationery, and let’s hold space to feel Thankful together.