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What to Say (and not to say)

2022-04-07 • 5:00 pm PT

What to Say (and not to say)


Someone you know is grieving, and it’s hard to know what to say. Most of us struggle to find the right words to provide comfort and connection, and we worry we’ll blurt out something that misses the mark (or makes the person feel even worse).

Fortunately, saying the right thing is a skill we can all master. Our speaker, Dana Amarisa, knows that first-hand. During her own unimaginable losses, she learned what it’s like to be on the receiving end of just about every possible form of condolence.

Come hear her story and how to follow three simple steps that will enable you to lift someone whose heart is broken.


Dana Lacy Amarisa lost her daughter, her father and then her son in a 20-month period, only to rise from those experiences to share with us the practical yet heart-centered steps to offering helpful consolation. Studying condolences for 17 years, gave her the insights to help bridge the gap between the heartfelt words we often say to sad friends and what they actually need from us. Dana started the Be a Bridge Condolences Project to help ease conversations with people who are sad about anything by encouraging and educating their family, friends and professional associates about helpful condolences. She is the author of Condolences Pocket Guide: What to Say and Not to Say to Grievers, and she presents nationally to businesses and end-of-life educators who are looking to offer meaningful support to someone suffering a misunderstood loss.

All in person event invites & details will be sent to members by email.



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