We’re not sure who is harder on women and more critical of female bodies… our culture or ourselves.

Many of us have struggled with some sort of exercise addiction, body image criticism or food restriction. And if we haven’t experienced it personally, we know someone who has.

Let’s not keep those struggles in the dark.

Allison Yamamoto is joining us to shed important light on this topic with a workshop designed to help us get out of some of these dangerous patterns. She’s a former NCAA cheerleader and distance runner who struggled with excessive exercising and food restrictions.

Now, her life’s work is helping people fighting similar battles.

Her workshop will focus on solutions and recovery, and will start by asking the question: What do you really want out of weight loss or changing how your body looks?

Join us for what is sure to be a powerful, raw, and transformative dialogue. We’re getting vulnerable and discussing potentially life-saving information at this PFA. As always, we encourage you to bring a friend who may want or need this conversation.

We can’t wait to see you there.

Anne & Arielle


Allison is a fitness & nutrition coach who helps people improve their relationship with food, exercise, and stress in order to recover from overtraining and disordered eating.

As a former NCAA cheerleader and distance runner, Allison struggled with a regimented approach to exercise and a restrictive mindset toward food in response to pressures to achieve health and body standards.

Upon realizing how many others struggle with this, Allison collaborated with other clinical experts to develop an evidence-based program that has now helped others stop feeling trapped in their exercise and food routine to heal their relationship with food and their body.