Have you ever been fired? Statistics show that almost half of us will be fired at some point in our careers. No matter how hard we work, how good we are at our job or the level of expertise we bring to each opportunity, down-sizings and staffing shake-ups happen.

Since it’s such a significant part of life for so many of us, why is being fired a topic that almost none of us talks about? That’s why we’re welcoming Robin Merle and Maria Rosati to the Parlay House stage. Robin is the author of the award-winning book Involuntary Exit: A Woman’s Guide to Thriving After Being Fired. Her message is a positive and helpful one — it’s all about finding new ways to rise and thrive after the unthinkable happens. Maria is the Founder and CEO of Eminence Communications. She focuses on challenging convention and empowering clients to distill their unique values.

Their expertise has been sought by women in high-status positions, those in periods of transition, and those looking for mentorship and the honesty that comes from lived experience,

We can’t wait to see you there.
Anne & Arielle