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Workshop | Mastering Non-Violent Communication

2023-10-12 • 10:00 am PT

Workshop | Mastering Non-Violent Communication


Have you ever felt like there was something you wanted to say but when you tried, it caused conflict rather than providing clarity? Well, so have we.

It’s not so easy to avoid conflict. Mastering non-violent communication is key to managing healthy, long-lasting relationships; that’s why it’s the theme of our next workshop. Antonia Bowring’s Communicate FOR framework focuses on the importance of clear communication, putting the integrity of the relationships over the practical outcome. The framework relies on generating empathy for others, considering the time and space they need to feel understood. The process isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

The Mastering Non-Violent Communication Workshop will help you to rethink how you express yourself, listen to others, and resolve conflict. It will focus on helping you:

– Begin to master the first step in the Communicate FOR framework
– Communicate your needs clearly and kindly
– Approach conflicts with empathy toward the other person

We can’t wait to see you there.
Anne & Arielle

All in person event invites & details will be sent to members by email.



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