Our community started in a living room where a few strangers gathered together to talk about what was on their minds and in their hearts. The conversations were so rich, refreshing, and exhilarating that the next month, many of them brought another woman along too. That’s how we still do it – gathering in living rooms (and on-line) with women outside of our typical circles, making space for belonging and connection



Many of us are caregivers at home, contributors at work, and pillars that prop up our families and communities. With all of this responsibility comes limited time and space for us to feel, share, and be taken care of ourselves.

Parlay House was created to turn the tables on that pattern. We create environments for those truths to be shared with each other, and for us to feel less isolated as a result.



Most of our new members admit that they’ve never been to anything quite like a Parlay House gathering. That’s probably because our one and only rule is that members can’t come to events to extract favors. It’s a non-transactional environment that values depth over breadth. That means you can’t come with the hope of extracting free services from another member or promoting your own agenda. Instead, we ask you to prioritize vulnerable conversation, inclusive discussions, and unique points of view. We ask that you practice being open and vulnerable because it inspires others to do the same.

While our events vary across the board, our signature gatherings take place in members’ homes around the globe and typically last two hours. They include time to relax, snack, sip, and connect as well as time for programming around topics that matter.

Our present is in your hands.

Our community only grows when members nominate other women to join us. We don’t run ads to receive new applications, we simply work together to pull more women forward from within. Our group is an antidote to the exclusionary events that pervade so many aspects of our lives. Our membership grows, not by an elite screening of “who’s in and who’s out”, but because each member is empowered to bring in other new members that would enjoy being with us.

And so is our future.

Parlay House has grown from 12 women on a rooftop in San Francisco to 10,000 women around the world. We continue expanding through a rapidly growing Local-Instigator team made up of sensational hosts who bring the magic of Parlay House to their cities and communities.

Membership Contributions.

In our spaces, all women and allies are welcome to join for free. We charge a minimal fee to attend in-person events (in order to cover food and beverage costs) and we keep the price low so that any woman who wants to join us can afford to do so. If you're in a place to support our mission, we gratefully offer recurring memberships on a pay-what-you-can basis. We're stronger when connected.

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