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About Us

Parlay House is a community of inspirational women who come together to connect, grow, learn, and thrive. We take our life experiences and parlay them in new directions. We host monthly events in San Francisco and New York, and are growing to other cities soon!

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About Our Founder

Anne Devereux-Mills started Parlay House to create new connections and interesting experiences outside of our work, children, or partners.

As a single mom and top executive in New York's cutthroat advertising scene, Anne experienced her own share of challenging times.

It wasn't until she was diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time and moved across the country that she realized what was missing in her life: connection.

Anne began inviting women into her living room to talk about the real issues they face, focusing on connecting instead of networking. Parlay House was born.


Our most recent gatherings

Read more +11 February 2019 By Anne Devereux in

March Parlay House SF: Breaking the Bias Barriers

I’ve been so warmed at how very open-minded and empathetic a group we’ve developed. But might we be biased in ways we don’t realize? The
Read more +05 February 2019 By Anne Devereux in

March Parlay House NYC: Comedy from a Business Nerd

Comedy from a Business Nerd Between #metoo, the political environment, personal challenges and general daily life, we’ve all done our fair share of stressing lately.
Read more +04 February 2019 By Anne Devereux in

Get Ready to Parlay in L.A.! Introducing the Acclaimed Women’s Salon Series

An Afternoon with Parlay House Founder Anne Devereux-Mills Stripped Down – One Woman’s Journey from Success to Meaning What if L.A. freeways did more to connect

People Love Parlay

Julie Abrams

“It is so rare to find a welcoming space where everyone is interested in building connections and growing, authentically. You can really interact with women in a meaningful way that can bring about new friendships.”

Maïté Chennangattu

“Parlay House is an intimate and non-judgemental gathering between women from different backgrounds who come together to listen to great guest speakers and celebrate our commonality and shared truths.”

Cindy Gallop

“Parlay House is an inspirational, experimental, experiential safe space for women to come together, be their authentic selves and choose whatever expression of that feels right to them personally, to drive whatever change they want to see in the world.”

Sofia Alfaro

“Parlay House is a time for me to unwind and talk about what really matters in life. It’s not just about connecting bad-ass women but building a support system and tackling life as a team!”

Jenna Roth

“You feel an immediate, deep connection to so many wonderful women at Parlay House. It is always in an intimate, welcoming, and judgement-free space, and you leave feeling refreshed, hopeful, empowered–and important.”

Joui Turandot

"Parlay House attracts incredible, open-hearted women doing fantastic things. Every time I leave feeling inspired, motivated to do great things in my own life–and almost always with a date for coffee with a new friend!"

Valerie Toler

"Parlay House has been a gift filled with many inspiring, diverse women. It is an intelligent and trustworthy environment where I have gleaned immeasurable knowledge and perspective."

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