Women are in a major life transition 30% of the time.

In our community, you don’t need to evolve alone.

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Parlay House is an online and in-person community that helps women feel a sense of connecting, belonging, and relating far beyond their usual social circles.

We create bonds between strangersWe are non transactional
We are for real talkWe don't avoid hard topics
We are for learning and growingWe're not here for favors
We open our homesWe are non networking

Get to know our events

Join us from home or away. Events include speakers, movie nights, feasting, sipping coffee, bonfires, creating art, workshops and so much more.

Online gathering

There's nothing better than an evening spent with our Parlay House community ✨

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An unforgettable field trip down the rabbit hole in NYC!

Our friend Alex led us on a tour of her immersive art experience Wonderland Dreamland where we were actually INSIDE the artwork!

Unofficial meetup, just because!

Parlay House Meetup in San Fran

When was the last time you stepped into a space full of strangers where you could talk about what matters to you?

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When the connections are this rich, follow-up coffee dates are a MUST

We LOVE seeing Parlay House members continue conversations beyond our events! These are the moments that make us feel connected. 💛

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2024 New Years Bonfire

A new year is certainly the perfect time to get rid of negative energy and manifest a better version of ourselves and of our lives!

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We are for friendship and support. We are for learning, exchanging and growing. We are for togetherness rather than transactions. We are for you.

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$8.33/month for 12 months

  • Parlay From Away
    Access online events (2/month) and workshops (1/month)
  • Access Parlay Clubhouse Chat Room
    Our digital group to stay connected between events
  • Watch 100s of talks & workshops
    Gain access to the PFA library
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In Person & Online

All House Access


$21.83/month for 12 months

  • Access all online events
    Events, workshops, library & newsletter
  • Attend in-person gatherings
    House gatherings (apx 1/month) Parlay Petite meetups (rolling basis), Workshops (apx 1/month)
  • Invitations to partner events & collaborations
    Participate in sponsored promotions and receive discounts
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$41.66/month for 12 months

  • Access to everything PLUS
  • Attend in-person gatherings for Free
    $300 value
  • Invitation to Anne’s private home
    A small group retreat in Napa Valley
  • You Support Parlay
    You give us momentum to keep growing and fuel women’s resilience!
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Reaching and connecting over 20,000 women around the globe.


“Parlay House...is an intelligent, trustworthy environment where I have gained immeasurable knowledge, perspective, and connection.”


“A safe space for women to come together, be their authentic selves and choose whatever expression of that feels right to them personally.”

Cindy Gallop

“Every time I leave feeling inspired, motivated to do great things in my own life – and almost always with a date for coffee with a new friend!”

Joui Turandot

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Maya Angelou

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