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We know what you’ve been through. We created Parlay House to provide a different type of gathering—a place for you to connect with others in a way that matters. We talk about the challenges in life and celebrate the joys.

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$8.33/month for 12 months

  • Parlay From Away
    Access online events (2/month) and workshops (1/month)
  • Access Parlay Clubhouse Chat Room
    Our digital group to stay connected between events
  • Watch 100s of talks & workshops
    Gain access to the PFA library
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    Events, workshops, library & newsletter
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  • Invitations to partner events & collaborations
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  • Invitation to Anne’s private home
    A small group retreat in Napa Valley
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What’s included in membership?


Clubhouse is our members-only digital community, central hub, and “girls club” to do deep dives into subjects that matter to us. Whether the conversations are focused on specific topics of interest, life-stage or transitional challenges, shared advice or just chit-chats about every-day things like books, movies, podcasts or more, the conversations are curated by members for members.

Online Workshops & Events

Our real-time on-line talks by guest speakers are called Parlay from Away (PFA).

These events are created so that you can dial-in to listen from wherever you are, joining in the chat when you’ve got something to say. After the talks, we’ll help you dig in deeper by sharing relevant links and helpful information that comes from our speakers. PFA takes place every other week, and gives us food for thought, inspiration, learning and bonding.

PFA Digital Library

If you miss a talk or are curious about conversations we’ve had over the years, we have a library with over 100 amazing and inspirational conversations that you can access whenever it works for you!

Parlay House In Person

We wanted to create the antidote for networking and extractive get-togethers that simply skim the surface. That’s why we created our signature live gatherings that take place all over the country.
Imagine sitting in someone’s living room or in a welcoming communal space and meeting women outside of your usual social circles. It’s so refreshing to gather in new and unexpected ways.
The women you’ll meet (and those who thrive at Parlay House) span ages, races and sexual orientation. What they have in common is a commitment to being part of authentic and meaningful conversations that hit at a deep and personal level.
Our “special sauce” at these gatherings is the presence of a speaker telling an inspirational, helpful or insightful story and opening up the conversation for us all to share.  Imagine joining in a conversation and bonding about it with the person sitting next to you.
When you come to a live PArlay House gathering, you might arrive as a stranger but you’ll leave as a friend.
That’s what we do every month in cities around the world.

So Much More

From our member meetups called Petites to our partner collaborations and special access experiences (think baseball games, dining, special ballet viewings and more) there are so many ways to Parlay. When you open your mind to new women and new perspectives, magic happens.

Reaching and connecting over 20,000 women around the globe.


“Parlay an intelligent, trustworthy environment where I have gained immeasurable knowledge, perspective, and connection.”


“A safe space for women to come together, be their authentic selves and choose whatever expression of that feels right to them personally.”

Cindy Gallop

“Every time I leave feeling inspired, motivated to do great things in my own life – and almost always with a date for coffee with a new friend!”

Joui Turandot

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