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Are all of the people you know the same? If you know them well, the answer is probably no.

And yet when we talk about people we don’t know and cultures that are unfamiliar to us, we tend to lump people into big generic buckets.

That’s why our next Parlay House guest, Anna Podolskaya is someone you should know. Anna is a recent immigrant from Russia.

But before you assume that all Russians are the same, we invite you to hear her story and get to understand the complexities of being a Russian Jew and woman in technology in America right now.

These are the conversations that take us from assuming to understanding- and we think that’s a huge leap forward.

As always, bites and wine will be served!


Born and raised in Moscow, Anna got her MS in Computer Science while working in Moscow and several European and American companies. She worked in Germany and spent two years all across the European Union before moving to the US and pursue her dream of getting a degree in America. She finished her MBA and dual- degree in business analytics in San Francisco and found her job there to continue being a rock start in Tech. She continues to mentor women and non- binary students in tech with her moto: learn, share , repeat. When she’s not working, you can find her enjoying tennis, dancing, and recently, boxing!