June 2019


You may not know it, but today is Global Garbage Man Day.

Maybe we should call it “Global Garbage Collection Day” instead? It’s a thankless and necessary job (regardless of gender) and I salute those who pick up the physical trash that endangers our planet.

But it’s not only that waste that threatens us: we have a lot of work to do in addressing our mental garbage too.

How do we take out our psychological trash?


Trash is the stuff that gets into our heads and prevents us from believing in ourselves. It stops us from moving forward because it reeks of “not good enough”, smells embarrassing, and nauseates with fear.

For me, I’ve got to dispose of:

  • Feeling like an outsider in my extended social circle
  • Focusing on the flaws of my aging body
  • Discounting my worth because I’m no longer at the helm of a company

So today, in appreciation of all of those garbage collectors in this world, I’m throwing out some of my own juicy trash and replacing it with kudos, kindness, and self-love.

In fact, I’m writing down a list of three things that I like about myself or I know I am good at. I’m putting a copy of that list in my wallet, taping it to my mirror, and making it the screensaver on my computer. When I next have an undermining thought, I’ll consciously retaliate with one of the items on my list.

Now you can do the same.

Take out your trash by making your own list. When shared, your list can to quell the stink of self-doubt and inspire others to rethink their negative self-talk, reminding them of their value.

To amplify your actions:

Share it with me: without revealing names, I’m compiling a list on how to fight negative self-talk. Sharing your list could help someone do the same!

Share it big: post a photo of your emotional trash bin with the sentence: I’m throwing out my emotional trash starting with ________. #onesmallthing

Share it small: share your list with a trusted friend or confidant who can keep you accountable.