July 2019



If I was to tell you it’s National Pandemonium Day, what would your reaction be? Is it a good thing — like the manic mayhem of a music festival — or a scary time of chaos where everything feels out of control?

Of course, there is no wrong answer. Your ability to deal with (and even appreciate) bedlam is influenced by who you are and how you feel at the moment.

It’s influenced by your personality, your perspective, your level of stress, and your current state of confidence.

Luckily, even if the thought of a day filled with chaos pushes you near the brink, you can take a breath.

It will not always feel like you, “Just. Cannot. Handle. One. More. Thing.”


Reign it in!

While you may feel pandemonium today, looking at all of the different components of your life that are meaningful to you will help you realize that other aspects of your life are actually more solid than it seems.

It’s the chaos that’s getting your attention.

Here’s how I regain perspective: I measure my happiness, fulfillment, and relevance based on some key personal measures: family, health, community, work, and spirituality.

I call it having Pandemonium Perspective.

At any moment in time, some of those measures may be killin’ it, and others may be killing me.

I may be getting along really well with my sisters but have no time to volunteer at the Women’s March. Or I may be completely unable to motivate myself to go to spin class, but I’m applauded for exceeding the milestones for Parlay House’s growth.

Whatever your current scenario is, take solace in knowing that it will certainly change. You’ll find time to go to parents’ weekend and nail the new business pitch. You’ll mentor someone in need or use an open window of time to go for a hike.

You’ll do all of those things. JUST NOT ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

Perspective helps restore the fear that life is out of control. Not just on Pandemonium Day, but on all days. Because there will rarely be a day when everything is chaotic, nor will there be many days when every interaction is a 10 out of 10.

In the course of life, we can take moments to look back and see the peaks, know that we rebounded from the valleys, and have the perspective that nothing stayed in a state of flux forever.’


Try using One Small Thing today, Pandemonium Day, to gain perspective for yourself or someone else who is drowning in chaos.

  • Use social media, send a personal email, or have an intimate conversation to share the truth of your chaos…as well as how that makes you stronger. Instead of limiting conversations to the shiny, happy moments of life, let’s be real. Talking about your truthful chaos lets others feel less alone in theirs.
  • Or…don’t use social media. Take the time you would spend scrolling and refocus on the elements of your life that may be starving for a little love and attention. The shift in balance might give you a much-needed break.

Please share with me how your One Small Thing controlled the pandemonium — if you turned it up to share, or turned it off to catch a breath.

I’m compiling feedback from these One Small Thing notes and will add your perspective as part of a larger initiative.

And just think: one day you may look back on that rollercoaster of pandemonium as a fun time.