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Pain & Possibility: Losing My Religion

Can you imagine being brought up in an extremely tight religious community and realizing that it was suffocating you?

That’s the story of this week’s guest, Tova Mirvis. Raised in an Orthodox Jewish community and marrying within the constraints of that religion, Tova faced the challenge of leaving the community that raised her without breaking the ties of family. Her story is captured in her memoir, “The Book of Separation” and was a Parlay House conversation to remember.

While the process of separation and transition was one of the most difficult moments in her life, Tova found that she saw hope and possibility when she began to share her truth with others. Tune in to hear Tova’s story, and to learn about how you too can find the power that comes from sharing your whole self with others.

A few takeaways from our talk with Tova:

  • Listen to your whole self. If you only speak from one part, you can only connect with one part
  • You do not need to be the same as the people you love
  • Understand your personal hierarchy of needs and values – act based on what you can and can’t live without
  • At some point you will have to make a leap, even when you are afraid
  • Share your personal story because it opens up space for others to share theirs
  • We never know how much a “hello” can mean to someone else

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